Boxing, Pugilism, the Sweet Science!

White Collar Boxing is here to stay and now YOU can experience the roar of anticipation, nerves popping like firecrackers in the heat, testing your strength, guile, skill and resolve one-on-one at the crucible of self-examination. The Ring!

Welcome to City Warriors.

Whether you want to top one of our fight-nights fighting in front of friends and peers or lose excess pounds and add a competitive edge to your fitness we can help you. The training is hard but itís fun and the comradeship that binds you and your fellow warriors transcends rank and self-importance. Safety is first and foremost in our considerations. We wont let you get in the ring until youíre ready and we only match you against equal opponents. Our trainers have all boxed competitively.

All you have to do to get started is to get in touch. We offer low-cost taster sessions where you can find out what its like.

Call me on 07817 840124 to find out more.

Seconds out.................